A Series Microtherm Thermostat


These thermostats are specificaly designed for electrical appliances, such as hair dryers, hairdressing equipment, cooking equipment, air heaters normally embedded in the heater element. These are factory calibrated bimetals to snap open at a predetermined temperature. Reset is preceeded by significant cooling.

There are three main types:

Auto Reset - A10V/A11V, are thermal cutouts and temperature regulators for automatic temperature protection.

Manual Reset A20V/A21V, are temperature limiters with manual reset for automatic temperature protection.

Self-Hold A30V/A31V suitable for 240V AC & A40V/A41V suitable for 120V AC, are current and temperature sensitive cutouts with electrical self-hold feature.

Thermal cutouts and temperature/current sensitive cutouts with electrical self-hold switch off after reaching the set temperature or current level. The switch is then held open by a parallel switched heating resistance (PTC) - the cutout will not automatically reset, while voltage is applied. It will reset when voltage is removed (i.e. the appliance concerned is disconnected) and the cutout has cooled down.


Fan Heaters Hand Dryers, Air Curtains, Convector Heaters, Panel Heaters, Air Conditioning, Wire Wound Elements, Cab Heaters, Electric Heaters