Adjustable Switches (KTR)


  • A broad range of applications and electrical loads
  • Excellent temperature response
  • Temperature and current-sensitivity
  • Good heat transfer characteristics
  • Suitable for convection and surface mounting


KTR thermostat is a small size thermal switch, which can be widely used in household appliances and other electric equipment.

It works on the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, causing the bimetal plate bend, to turn on or off the circuit in a pre-set temperature range.

The shaft size and rotation angle can be set according to requirements.

The temperature control is accurate and reliable, with less flashover and long lifespan.


  • Domestic and Commercial heaters
  • Electric oven,
  • Electric irons,
  • Rice cookers,
  • Water boilers,
  • Grills and Toasters,
  • Deep fryer,
  • Stove,
  • Fan heater, Barbeque grill and various household appliances